Obtaining Turkish citizenship is linked to the existence of many motives among those seeking it, including the advantages enjoyed by the Turkish citizen, the rights and duties, as well as the advantages of the Turkish passport, and many of the benefits and ambitions of those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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The advantages of Turkish citizenship

There is no doubt that life in Turkey is very suitable for foreigners, but obtaining Turkish citizenship gives more advantages and benefits that will be enjoyed by those who obtain it:

Enjoy the benefits of a Turkish passport:

According to the Honley Passport Index, the Turkish passport is ranked high in the world, as in 2021 it ranked 53rd in the world, compared to passports in 191 countries.

A Turkish passport holder can travel to 72 countries without the need to issue a "visa"

It is also possible to enter 42 countries upon arrival at the airport

Entry visas can be requested online without the need to visit the consulate of 7 foreign countries

In short, the holder of the Turkish passport opens the doors of the world wide in front of him, and this is the biggest incentive for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship to be able to move between the countries of the world freely, without obstacles, legal problems, or difficult procedures.

Ease of many purchase and ownership transactions

Obtaining Turkish citizenship facilitates many legal transactions and procedures, especially with regard to:

  • Owning real estate

  • Buy cars

  • Establishing companies

  • Opening a bank account in any bank in Turkey

As there is no need for a lot of transactions, especially with regard to translation procedures, or documents required only from foreigners, and other matters that face any foreigner outside his country of origin.

It is noteworthy that the foreign resident needs to issue a real estate appraisal document in Turkey to purchase the property, as well as obtain a security approval for ownership, with an emphasis that these procedures are easy and easy in general.

In the same context, some banks in Turkey may request additional procedures for foreigners to open a bank account in them, while the Turkish citizen does not face any problems in this regard.

Granting privileges to first-degree relatives

Turkish citizens can offer many benefits to their family members, such as:

  • Family residence permit in Turkey: granted to the wife of a Turkish citizen, or the husband of a Turkish citizen, with children under the age of 18 for a period of three years

  • Granting Turkish citizenship to the foreign husband/wife after 3 years at most from marriage

  • Turks can invite non-Turkish family members to visit Turkey through a tourist visa, especially parents.


In the event that a foreigner is requested to obtain Turkish citizenship, his family, "wife and children", will obtain citizenship with him directly in the same file.

Work more freely

There are no conditions for Turks to work in their country, and they can obtain social security insurance and insurance, and there is a difference between a foreigner and a Turkish in terms of obtaining work, so every foreigner needs 5 Turkish employees in the same place in which he works, while the Turks do not Need for such actions, and they can work directly.

Also, holders of prestigious degrees, especially doctors, engineers, and jurists, can obtain greater job opportunities in Turkey after obtaining citizenship.

Likewise, with regard to licensing your company or business in Turkey and participating in the chambers of commerce and industry in the country, this is easier for Turkish citizens.

Access to better health services

Turkish citizens can obtain all medical and health services considered free of charge and discounts on treatment in government hospitals, access to medicines, contract with a doctor for the family, access to social security, personal health insurance, and other excellent services that they enjoy. Turkish families.

The possibility of retaining the mother's nationality

The Turkish citizen has kept his mother's nationality, and obtaining the Turkish nationality does not affect, as the laws in Turkey stipulate that granting Turkish citizenship to foreign citizens is acquired regardless of other nationalities. Turkey provides many facilities to obtain dual nationalities and has signed several agreements with other countries to facilitate the attainment of Turkish citizenship for citizens of the two countries.

The rights of the Turkish citizen

Obtaining Turkish citizenship means that you enjoy the full benefits of citizenship in Turkey, and therefore you must familiarize yourself with your rights stipulated in the Turkish constitution, where Turkish law stipulates the  following points:

  • A Turk is every person with whom the Turkish state is bound by the bond of citizenship, whether inside or outside Turkey

  • Every child from a Turkish father or a Turkish mother is also a Turkish one, even if the second party (father or mother) is a foreigner.

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners, or removing it from a Turkish citizen, is only according to the cases specified in Turkish law exclusively

  • A Turkish citizen is not deprived of his nationality unless he commits acts of treason to the homeland that are inconsistent with the principle of loyalty to Turkey.

  • The Turkish citizen has the right to enjoy all national services in Turkey and abroad, especially with regard to education and health.

  • After reaching the age of 18, a Turkish citizen has the right to participate in the election of candidates for municipal, parliament, or presidential elections, and he has the right to participate as a candidate for these elections after reaching the appropriate age for each position.

  • Turkish law guarantees the right of the Turkish citizen to resort to the courts to obtain his legitimate rights in the event that he is attacked or deprived of any of them.

  • Turkish embassies and consulates outside the country represent Turkish citizens and can cooperate with them to solve any problem facing the Turkish citizen outside his country.

  • The law in Turkey guarantees that any Turkish citizen obtains all his civil rights, and extracts all the documents that bind him, such as his identity card, passport, marriage and divorce documents, and other personal documents.

Duties of the Turkish citizen

The holder of Turkish citizenship - considering that he is a Turkish citizen - must adhere to the following duties:

  • Respect for the constitution and the law

  • Respect for historical and national symbols in Turkey

  • Loyalty to Turkey and not committing treason

  • Compulsory service in the ranks of the Turkish army (with exceptions and exemptions from service)

  • Abiding by the laws governing the lives of people in Turkey, maintaining security, the safety of lives and money, and non-aggression

  • Refer to the Turkish courts for any legal matter whatsoever

It is also important for the holder of Turkish citizenship to learn the Turkish language in order to facilitate his integration with Turkish society.

Notes for holders of Turkish citizenship

Obtaining a foreign nationality means that you will be a member of this society, which makes it imperative for you to learn about the culture of this society, its history, the things that it sanctifies or alienates from, and the general features of Turkish thinking in order to be able to adapt to your new nationality.

Therefore, we give you some general advice for newly acquired Turkish citizenship:

  • The Turks are very interested in the issue of calm with the neighbor, and disturbing the neighbor is one of the things that the police may sometimes intervene to prevent.

  • Pay your taxes and fees regularly

  • Learning the Turkish language is the shortest way to adapt to your new nationality

  • Avoid speaking out loud on public buses, as this is annoying for Turks

  • Turks care a lot about children and childhood in general, so make sure that your children receive the same attention from you so that their integration into their new society is not facilitated, especially with regard to health care, education, recreational activities, and participation in Children's Day in Turkey.

An enjoyable tour we spent with you to introduce you to the most important advantages of Turkish citizenship, the benefits of obtaining citizenship, your rights as a Turkish citizen in addition to your duties, and some other related notes, so that we may have succeeded in clarifying the idea we are writing about.