Many real estate investors in Turkey, especially foreigners, seek to benefit from the advantages of real estate ownership. Learn with us about the most important advantage of real estate ownership in Turkey ... Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property for 250 thousand dollars

On the morning of Wednesday, September 19, 2018, the Turkish government issued a new law regarding real estate ownership for foreigners. The new law stipulates allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for their entry into real estate investments in Turkey with a minimum of 250.000 US dollars, equivalent to about 937,500 riyals. Saudi.

Before the issuance of this law, the minimum real estate investment in Turkey for foreigners, through which a foreigner is allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship, was 1,000,000 million US dollars, which is approximately 3,750,000 three million seven hundred and fifty thousand.

The presidential decree on facilitation of obtaining Turkish citizenship had referred to the establishment of joint offices under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and with the participation of representatives of other relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, to coordinate among them to ensure the facilitation of administrative procedures for granting Turkish citizenship, Reducing the effort and routine accompanying such procedures.

Work has already begun in a central office for Turkish citizenship procedures by real estate investment, where it is also scheduled to create several branch offices, to reduce the burden on the main center.

The procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship need about 4 to 6 months at a maximum, depending on some special circumstances for each person applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and the Turkish government plans to reduce this period to only a month and a half through linking and coordinating between the relevant ministries to end routine.

Below we have prepared a table to show the minimum real estate investment for obtaining Turkish citizenship in several Arab and international currencies according to the exchange on 12/3/2019:

The currency


U.S. dollar




Turkish lira


Saudi riyal


Iraqi dinar


Qatari Riyal


Kuwaiti dinar


UAE dirham


Bahraini dinar


Egyptian Pound


In short, it is clear to us that you can obtain Turkish citizenship at a cost of about a quarter of the old cost, and this is very encouraging for investors to enter into new real estate projects and benefit, in addition to real estate profits and investment returns in Turkish real estate, the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through buying a property

There are only two conditions:

The first condition: that the price of real estate in Turkey that the foreigner buys is more than 250e translated and notarized at the Noter office in Turkey to be legally approved in Turkey.

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property

  • The real estate appraisal stage

The buyer evaluates his property by Turkish companies trusted by the Turkish government, and the names of the companies approved by the Turkish government for evaluation can be known from lists located within the center designated for granting Turkish citizenship, and it is mentioned that companies usually give the evaluation after about three days, and the evaluation of the company should be The property or real estate you are offering is more than 250 thousand US dollars in order to apply for Turkish citizenship.

The validity period of the evaluation granted by Turkish companies is only three months, as the person wishing to apply for citizenship must submit the evaluation document before the expiry of the three months, and if he does not apply during the mentioned period, a new evaluation should be obtained.

  • Extracting the title deed from the Land Registry Office

The buyer needs to register his real estate in the Title deed Department and extract the Title deed document. These procedures may take two or three days, as the tax number must be extracted at first, then go to the Title deed Department and register the property legally and officially.

It must be emphasized that a sign will be added by the Land Registry Office that these properties will not be sold until after three years until the title deed is ready for submission to the Turkish Citizenship Grant Center.


  • Send documents to the center for obtaining Turkish citizenship

The rest of the papers and other documents are prepared, translated and certified in the Noter office, about 5 to 10 days, and then delivered to the main office in Ankara, and the Turkish government has confirmed its intention to establish branch offices in other states.

  • Other actions

After submitting papers and documents, the applicant can wait for about a week to about 10 days, and the rest of the procedures are within the competence of the Turkish government and its institutions, where the applicant is given an electronic link through which he can follow the news of the progress of the citizenship procedures, and he is informed by phone of any progress in the citizenship file, as The process takes about 4 months, starting with the transfer of the file to the Departments of Security and Civil Affairs, and then the file is transferred directly to the Ministry of Interior and then to the Presidency of the Republic to sign the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship.

After that, the Department of Civil Affairs issues a Turkish identity card for the applicant, who thus becomes a Turkish citizen. The holder of Turkish citizenship can also enjoy the full powers and rights of a Turkish citizen, and he can start the procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport.

Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

It is also mentioned that the new Turkish law did not stop at the limits of real estate ownership for foreigners, but the financial limits of many investments through which the investor can obtain the right to Turkish citizenship have been reduced. The amendments to the Turkish citizenship law were as follows:

  • Fixed investment in Turkey with a capital of: 500.000 USD
  • Deposit in Turkish banks: 500,000 US dollars

  • Employing 50 Turkish workers or employees

These amendments come nearly two years after the original law was launched, and nearly 7 years after the abolition of the law on reciprocity for real estate ownership in Turkey for foreigners. This decision was considered the culmination of reform decisions encouraging investment, the latest of which was the abolition of the value-added tax on real estate sold to foreigners in US dollars and through Turkish banks from outside the country, in a treatment similar to the treatment of Turkish laws in such cases with the Turkish expatriate, so it became possible to say that the right to own property in Turkish real estate is guaranteed to foreigners and with laws similar to the laws applied to the Turks themselves. If the foreigner is residing in Turkey, he is treated like Turk, and if he is outside Turkey, he is treated like an expatriate Turk, and if his investments reach the minimum limits stipulated by the new laws, the investor can officially request and obtain Turkish citizenship.


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 thousand dollars and it is paid by transferring the amount from the buyer’s account to the property owner’s account through a Turkish bank.

The second condition: that the buyer undertakes not to sell the property until three years after the date of its purchase, where he signs a pledge with the real estate registry that he will not transfer the ownership of the properties he bought to run for Turkish citizenship to any real estate persons during the mentioned period "3 years".

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship

Of course, we are talking here. If the reason for your application is that you own real estate in Turkey estimated at at least 250 thousand US dollars, you and your family "wife and children" will be asked for a set of legal documents, which are:

For real estate buyer

  • A copy of the title deed for the real estate(s) owned by the applicant 

  • The real estate appraisal document in Turkey for the property/real estate, and the evaluation must exceed the minimum candidate price for Turkish citizenship.

  • Receipts for amounts paid for real estate must be stamped from the bank through which the payment was sent.

  • Receipts from the seller of the property "construction company", must also be stamped by the addressee bank.

  • Copy of the original passport 

  • A translated and notarized copy of the passport

  • Two copies of the power of attorney submitted to the lawyer “if a Turkish lawyer has been appointed to follow up the file with the official Turkish departments.”

  • A non-judgmental document, extracted from Turkey

  • 2 personal photos

  • An application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship, in which it is stated whether the investor is applying for himself only or for his family with him "wife and children"

For the wife and children

  • Original passports translated and notarized copies of all applicants

  • Non-judgmental documents for each applicant, extracted from Turkey

  • The marriage contract, or any document proving the marriage, and if it is issued outside Turkey, it must be translated and notified

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  • Birth certificates for children, or any document containing the place and date of birth, translated and notarized if issued from outside Turkey

  • A family statement document, or a family book, either extracted from Turkey or translated and certified by the Notre Department

  • 2 personal photos for each applicant


  • Depending on the applicant, the Ministry of Interior may request additional documents, and they will inform you how to obtain them.

  • Any document that is requested by you and it is issued from outside Turkey must be translated and notarized at the Noter office in Turkey to be legally approved in Turkey.